DK Tour in November 2015

We hope to see you all around Denmark in November

Buy your ticket here:

D. 13/11 – Værkstedet, Frederikshavn:
D. 14/11 – Studenterhuset, Aalborg:
D. 19/11 – Studie 3, København:
D. 20/11 – Sønderborghus, Sønderborg:
D. 21/11 – Radar, Aarhus:
D. 26/11 – Paletten, Viborg:
D. 27/11 – S-Huset, Lyngby:
D. 28/11 – Dexter, Odense:

Darkness Falls by Lei Foo Launch

We are very happy to announce our collaboration with jewelry designer Lei Foo. Together we have made a silver pin, which has the multi function that it can also be used as an earring.
Come join us this Friday in the Storm & Marie shop on Gammelkongevej 96. We will play live. Hope to see you ☺
The pin will be available in our web shop.

New Video out for Our New single Night Games and New DK Dates in the Fall

Hey All,

We are very proud to share our new video for our latest single Night Games for you. It is directed by the amazing Kamilla Bruus and Sara Laub.
Watch it here:


Also we are very hapy to inform that we have new live dates coming up in the fall of 2015. You can already get your ticket now!


13/11-2015 Frederikshavn, Værkstedet (Maskinhallen) DK

14/11-2015 Aalborg, Studenterhuset DK

19/11-2015 København, Studie 3 DK

20/11-2015 Sønderborg, Sønderborghus DK

21/11-2015 Aarhus, Radar DK

26/11-2015 Viborg, Paletten DK

27/11-2015 Lyngby, S-Huset DK

28/11-2015 Odense, Dexter DK

Coming Up

Hope to see you around 🙂

Darkness Falls back from tour

Hello All,

Our album is now out and we have been touring all of April and had a blast. Thanks to everybody who came on alle the shows and see you soon again on the road 🙂